Santa Lucia (province of Camaguey)

Area: 15,615 km▓ (6,029 sq mi)
Population: 786,657 (2004)
Municipalities: CamagŘey, Carlos M. de Cespedes, Esmeralda, Florida, Gußimaro, Jimaguay˙, Minas, Najasa, Nuevitas, Santa Cruz del Sur, Sibanic˙, Sierra de Cubitas, Vertientes

Santa Lucia is a small seaside village located north in the province of Camaguey. More than 20 km of white sand on a pristine turquoise sea. Located 45 minutes from downtown Nuevitas (where many hotel employees live) and approximately one hour 30 minutes from the airport in Camaguey.

The province of Camaguey is the largest in Cuba. Two major rivers cross this province, Rio Hatibonico and Rio Tinima. The city of Camaguey was founded on February 2nd, 1514, under the name of Santa María del Puerto Príncipe. The city was originally built on the north coast of Cuba, but after repeated attacks by pirates it was moved by steps to its present location. The hotel district of Santa Lucia is well known by divers as there is a large coral reef about two kilometers from the beach hotels.



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