Manzanillo de Cuba (province of Granma)

Area: 8,375.49 km² (3,234 sq mi)
Population: 829,333 (2004)
Municipalities: Bartolomé Masó, Bayamo, Buey Arriba, Campechuela, Cauto Cristo, Guisa, Jiguaní, Manzanillo, Media Luna, Niquero, Pilón, Río Cauto

Located in the beautiful Sierra Maestra mountains located south of Cuba. It is the birthplace of the modern revolution in Cuba. It is in this region that the rebels led by Fidel Castro landed on December 2nd, 1956 from Mexico (on board the boat named Granma), where he and his brother Raul were in exile.

The Granma province is not over developed for tourism, as there is only one international hotel. It is located west of the village of Marea del Portillo, a little over a half hour drive from the international airport. From the airport, we pass through small villages, Campechuela, Media Luna, Pilon, finally arriving at Marea del Portillo.



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