Where is Cuba ?

The Republic of Cuba, consists of the main island of Cuba (the largest island in the whole Caribbean with an area of 110.922 km2), Pine Island (also known as Island of Youth since 1976) and several thousand small islands named « Cayo ». Cuba is located in the northern Caribbean at the confluence of the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean.

The provinces of Cuba ...

Since 2010, the western provinces of Cuba have been redesigned. The former province of La Habana is now named Mayabeque. Its size as well as for Pinar del Rio have been reduced to create a new province called Artemisa. The province of La ciudad de la Habana (capital) remains the same in size.

1- Isla de la Juventud 2- Pinar del Rio 3- Artemisa
4- Ciudad de la Habana (capital) 5- Mayabeque 6- Matanzas
7- Cienfuegos 8- Villa Clara 9- Sancti Spiritus
10- Ciego de Avila 11-Camaguey 12- Las Tunas
13- Holguin 14- Granma 15- Santiago de Cuba
16- Guantanamo    


Cuba is the second most populated island in the Caribbean (Hispaniola being the first) with its 11,241,161 inhabitants (2010). Cuba was a Spanish colony from 1492 to 1898. The demographics and Cuban culture result mainly from mixing of Spanish culture (the colonizers) and African (the slaves). A special mention must be reserved for Cuban music rhythms such as salsa, son, mambo and cha-cha-cha.

The capital of Cuba is Havana (about 2.5 million inhabitants). The language spoken is Spanish, but English is generally well understood and / or spoken among workers in the tourism industry. Some speak German, Italian or French.