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Since we bought our first digital camera in 1998 (Kodak DC-210 +, $800), we take many photos to create dedicated websites for each of our trips, and share our passion with Internet users. These sites are not official websites as we do not have any contracts with hotels management. We have well detailed sites based on our expertise and experience of the country we visited.

We are not professional photographers and do not pretend to be. This is a hobby, and the goal is to show you what we have been fortunate to see. All our travel websites are available to the general public, without restrictions nor any login required. We are among those who believe in free information on the web. It is our way of contributing to this wonderful database.

Click the thumbnail on left to access the index page of all our travel sites. Formerly hosted under the name and since 2008, under Banner. Most of our sites are bilingual.

All we know is on the web!

I want to mention this essential tool for any webmaster wishing to improve the geographical knowledge or their visitors. ©Google Earth is a free software that changed the style of all our travel websites. This software allows you to view satellite images from around the world. I always add info on every capture screen.

Since 2013, we also use ©Microsoft Bing who often produce more updated satellite images than Google Earth. Microsoft Bing is available online but Google Earth requires to download and install software (free).

Since 2010, all our websites are hosted by two companies located in United States to get the best performance: JaguarPC (Fulshear, Texas) and InMotionHosting (California and Virginia). Both offer a wide variety of scripts (in English only) including two extremely essential for us : phpbb (bulletin board) and coppermine (photo album). In 2013, we have upgraded our accounts for better performance servers (VPS and SD) to increase downloading speed for users of our sites.

In March 2011, we registered the domain name: to host our three bulletin boards. We experienced problems with the forums that put our account on hold. That was extremely unfortunate for us! Now if something hurtful happens to our forums, this will only affect the forums and not the websites. A smart decision but ... again ... with extra costs!

For those curious about our digital cameras please visit this section of our Website. As we take hundreds (thousand) of photos to each of our trips, we often change cameras. Our modus operandi is always the same, a compact-style camera (great zoom, stabilizer and « hot shoe ») for all the photos of hotels and a rugged-style camera, waterproof, small for our underwater photos and excursions. This camera has to be small enough to handle it everywhere, even in a rough environment.

It would be difficult to create a website without the use of specialized software especially for the underwater shots who require particular attention. For the design of our sites (HTML file), we use ©Adobe Dreamweaver and for the photos (JPG, GIF & PNG), ©Corel Paint Shop Pro and ©Adobe ImageStyler (to add text in images). All our software are registered.

Enjoy our travel sites!

Normand & Lily