Cayo Saetia (province of Holguin)

Area: 9,292.83 km² (3,588 sq mi)
Population: 1,029,083 (2004)
Municipalities: Antilla, Báguanos, Banes, Cacocum, Calixto Garcia, Cueto, Frank País, Gibara, Holguín, Mayarí, Moa, Rafael Freyre, Sagua de Tánamo, Urbano Noris

Cayo Saetia is a small island of 42 km2 located in the Bay of Nipe. However, this is not an island like the others. It is part of the national system of protected areas in Cuba. It can be accessed by a boat, drawbridge or by air (helicopters).

Cayo Saetia is the African savannah ... in Cuba! African animals have been brought to the island several years ago and live in freedom. To visit Cayo Saetia is best to take a guided tour by Jeep. That's what we did and it remains for us a moment in this region of Cuba.

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