Cayo Paredón Grande (province of Camaguey)

Area: 15,615 km² (6,029 sq mi)
Population: 786,657 (2004)
Municipalities: Camagüey, Carlos M. de Cespedes, Esmeralda, Florida, Guáimaro, Jimaguayú, Minas, Najasa, Nuevitas, Santa Cruz del Sur, Sibanicú, Sierra de Cubitas, Vertientes

Cayo Paredón is a tiny island of approximately 8.7 km2 in the archipelago of Jardines del Rey (King's garden) to the north of the largest island of the region, Cayo Romano in Cuba. This island, whose full name is Cayo Paredón Grande is located in an area where the environment is protected by the Cuban government. To access Cayo Paredón, it is mandatory to obtain a permit. It is a small paradise for fly fishermen.

The project to build two or three hotels on the island of Cayo Paredón Grande has started. This will be like a second Cayo Guillermo, but only thirty minutes from the airport of Cayo Coco.



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