Cayo Las Brujas (province of Villa Clara)

Area: 8,412.41 km² (3,248 sq mi)
Population: 817,070 (2004)
Municipalities: Caibarién, Camajuaní, Cifuentes, Corralillo, Encrucijada, Manicaragua, Placetas, Quemado de Güines, Ranchuelo, Remedios, Sagua la Grande, Santa Clara, Santo Domingo

Cayo Las Brujas is an island located west of Cayo Santa Maria and Cayo Ensenachos. There is a nice beach of two kilometers long called Playa Salina. This is one of our best beaches of Cuba. It is very quiet and a calm sea without algae. Almost the perfection!

To reach Cayo Las Brujas, you drive a causeway of 48 kms into the sea called « pedraplen ». There is a local airport on the island that can only accommodate small aircraft. There are daily flights to several airports in Cuba, including Havana. The construction of new hotels is underway in Cayo Las Brujas. The total hotels in Cayo Las Brujas, Cayo Ensenachos and Cayo Santa Maria is forecasted for 10,000 rooms. The second largest in Cuba after varadero.


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