Cayo Largo (province of Isla de la Juventud)

Area of the province: 2,419.27 km² (934 sq mi)
Population: 86,637 (2004)

Cayo Largo is a small key located at the southeastern end of the Canarreos archipelago (which belongs to Cuba). The islet is approximately 80 km south of the main island of Cuba. This small limestone island is 28 km long and no more than 3 km wide. Find white sand beaches stretch out along the south coastline for more than 20 kms. The north coast is mostly mangroves and salt pans.

Cayo Largo has no permanent inhabitants (except for birds and iguanas of course! :-)) Cubans come to Cayo Largo only to work in the hotels. They work for 20 continuous days and then go back to their families at Isla de la Juventud (Island of Youth), or other cities on the main Island of Cuba, for the rest of the month.



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