All about tourism in Cuba

Cuba is a destination that we know very well. We had the chance to visit « The Big Island » of the Caribbean more than fifty times and explore all the tourist attractions of Cuba and several small remote areas, far from the beaten tracks.

Since 1999, we share our experiences of travel on the web. We've put together more than sixty websites, including seventeen exclusively about Cuba. Some of them are very popular and easy to find by typing their names in Google or Bing web search engines. We are constantly adding new websites to our collection, it is almost a full-time job :o)

Our websites contain a lot of information, photos, videos and stuff you must know to better plan your next trip. As we have several sites on Cuba, it became more convenient to summarize the general informations about Cuba into a single site rather than repeat the same common knowledge in each of our sites. We are proud to share our work on the web with lovers of Cuba and hope our websites will make you decide to discover this beautiful island and its inhabitants. ¡Nuestra segunda casa!

Cuba - Beaches

Who has never heard about the beaches in Cuba? They are the best in the Caribbean. The « Cayos » or small islands are the places where the sand is white and fine, almost like flour. The majority of these island are located North of the main island in the archipelago. Cayo Largo (south) has more than 20 continuous kilometers of beach! Everywhere in Cuba, there are wonderful places for snorkeling or diving, in a pristine environment. The color of sand varies from white to almost black (volcanic) in some regions of Cuba.

Cuba - Countryside

What about the Cuban countryside? A peaceful place, a warm and welcoming people, superb scenery. We visited the province of Pinar Del Rio a few times. It is our favorite for landscape, color of red earth, green with its tobacco fields and blue sky with cut rounded mountains (Mogotes). Almost unreal! There are many other beautiful landscapes in Cuba like the Sierra Escambray, and the majestic Sierra Maestra located in the south.

Cuba - Cities

When we think Cuba, the image of cities with old cars comes to mind. Indeed, Cuba is a journey through time! Following the takeover by Fidel Castro in 1959, the cars of wealthy Americans have been abandoned by their owners, but Cubans have always continued to restore them with Russian parts! These cars are called « Maquinas » or « Yank Tank ». You will find a lot of them in the old city of Havana. Do not miss the magnificent capital of Cuba, you will not be disappointed!

The coming years will determine the future of Cuba. Reforms have been implemented since the coming to power of Raul Castro, which raises many questions from the Cubans on the country's future. We are on the verge of great change in this country subject to this nonsense embargo by the United States in place since 1962. Probably this embargo will end in the near future and allow U.S. citizens to visit Cuba and to facilitate trade between both countries.